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Information Products & Licensing
What products do you have available?
Website Critique Video Service
What is the price & what do I get?

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Why haven't you responded to my ticket?
There could be a couple of reasons why you haven't received a response to your support ticket ... We did respond, but you used a return email address that 'thinks' email from a helpdesk is spam (AO...
What are your contact details?
David Shillito can be contacted in 4 ways In 'most likely to get his attention' order ... By opening a ticket at this helpdesk By email via By fax: 087 233 10529 By ma...
Please remove my address from your mailing lists
Hello there If you are here because you received a letter or postcard promoting what appears to be one of our products or services, and for ANY reason wish that name & address removed and / or ad...

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