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[Postcard Marketing] Startup costs & likely results


Oh, if only this were an exact science!

Your intelligence & instinct tells you 100% commissions on a 'hands-free' £97 sale is a brilliant proposition. It must be because you bought it. So all you & I need to do is put the sales page in front of people like us, at the minimum outlay that shows a healthy profit

OK, let's say you were on a very tight budget & can only test mail 400 postcards.

By the way, 400 is a VERY small test to try & judge the success of a card / list combo. If you mail 1000 postcards & get a 2% respose, thats 20 sales, which is great (c.£2,000) but it still means 980 didn't buy. So you can see that by mailing only 400 its unlikely a 'consistant response rate' can be  judged

Anyway, back to the 400 test. Using CFH Docmail, they will print & mail black & white postcards for 35p each + VAT = £148.80 (at time of writing)

Should you choose to do so, renting a 400 name list from us would be £60

So to get a 400 postcard mailing away will cost you £168.00 + £60 = £228.00

The Direct Mail Industry standard response rate is 2% (accross all Direct Mail including postcards) & this would bring in 8 sales @ £97 = £776, less the £228.00 costs gives you a profit of £548.00

Thats a 271% ROI (Return On Investment) - better than the 3% you get at the Bank, non?


Postcard Cash sales are being made every day. One reseller makes a sale for every 23 people he sends through his link to the salespage. (This may well be because he has 'influence' - maybe an existing audience  - a list -  or has mastered a marketing channel or method)

Response rates can of course be better or worse than those mystical magical 'Industry Standards'.

A response of, or higher than 2% is usually a result of better than average marketing and/or a better than average level of influence (a house list of people who welcome your recommendations and are receptive because they know you, like you, have done business with you & had a positive experience in the past)

A response rate lower than 2% can be the result of all kinds of things, such as ...

  • The weather!
  • The list is not targeted
  • The time of the month (when people are either skint ... or just got paid)
  • The NEWS ...

Yes, the news! I can tell you for a FACT that people DID have 20,000 direct mail campaigns hit peoples doormats on 911 (or the day Diana was murdered) and you can be sure their response rates were pretty much zero


  • Using A5 not A6 postcards
  • Promoting more than one opportunity per card
  • Trying to sell the opportunity on the card (as opposed to selling only the idea of finding out more)
  • etc etc etc etc


Remember, this is NOT internet marketing, where the dogma is "If they don't respond immediately, they are gone, never to return" - This is direct mail. You yourself have received hardcopy offers in the post, and kept them on the 'kitchen side' for days before taking action, I know I have. As a seller, I've had sales from cards & letters I posted 3 months ago!

I'm trying my damdest to cut the risk to the bone for you guys but there just is no magic formula - it's just NOT an exact science

... Hell - I wish it were! If I could GUARANTEE you put £250 in one end and £500 drops out the other, GUARANTEED, I would be wealthier than Bill Gates. My system would sell for no less than GBP £1 million

What I can tell you is, people ARE making regular sales with Postcard Cash.

I have built a system here that does everything possible to help anyone, even people with no influence (no house list) make money, but I simply can't guarantee anything. How could I?

The big hitters, both online & offline, all sing the same song - TEST TEST TEST

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