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[Postcard Marketing] Using your own Domain Names & Redirects


"Can I register / use my own domain name re-directed thru my resellers link?"

Technically Yes, but think it through ...

The challenge here will be 'disconnect'

One of (if not THE) biggest challenge to making sales is TRUST. You know this is true. Anything you can do to build trust should be done, & anything causing mis-trust should be avoided

Having somone click on, or type one www page address, just to land on another may be no problem for you & I as we know what thats all about, but your average buyer still doesn't trust le t'interwebs, and that url-switch is a 'pattern interrupt' & will cause uncertainty, ignite distrust & cost you sales

If you had a REALLLY good reason to do it then fair enough, but IN THIS CASE there usually isn't one

If you do decide to risk the disconnect, you must not forward / redirect domains using 'frames' (what GoDaddy call 'Masking') as this will scupper the script that gets you paid

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