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[Postcard Marketing] I'm in debt / down to my last £100 - is this for me?



As I wrote on the salespage, this is a REAL business, which means there are costs & some risk

The internet is a wonderful tool for sure, but along with that wonder come quite a few unfortunate side-effects. It's awash with people selling a particular aroma of Unicorn poop - smelly thin air

The idea that you can start a proper BUSINESS with almost nothing, and have someone else leverage that 'almost nothing' you invested (with little or no effort) into a healthy ongoing profit is a fantasy - and fantasies sell well on the internet (Just look at BannersBroker)

If you have a look HERE you will see what the current average up-front investment is to start a new business in the UK - and the fantasy merchants would have you believe you can do it for nothing.

Once you are on board with Postcard Cash, if you don't have your own 'house list' of past buyers to mail to, you will be renting a list - which while not expensive is not free either. Then there is a cost to produce & post the postcards (or have it done for you) - and even then there are no guarantees.

So, if buying into my Postcard Cash system, and / or it's success is being relied upon to get / keep you out of the poorhouse, I would advise against it





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