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[Postcard Marketing] I Can't download, unzip, open or edit the MS Word Postcard Templates


If you are having a problem downloading, unzipping, opening or editing ANY of the MS Word postcard templates, we have good news & bad news for you ...

The good news is ... it's probably going to be an easy fix

The bad news is ... it's a fix on YOUR computer

Maybe its a setting within your installed version of Microsoft Word, maybe you have Open Office and are having compatability issues. Whatever it is we can 100% GUARANTEE it's not a shortcoming of the files you have downloaded.

Here is a quick video I made (be sure your speakers are on)

Search Google for answers to the paticular challenge you are having. You can be sure you are not the first person to have faced this blip, but obviously we can't offer support for programs installed on your computer

If you simply CAN'T figure it out, please open a ticket and say specifically wether you are having trouble ...

  • Downloading (You can't even get the files off my server)
  • Unzipping (you dont have an unzipper, or its not working)
  • Opening an individual template
  • You can open a template, but not edit

One thing to try, if its just editing - try re naming the file before opening, or open the file, go to 'Save As' and save a version under a different name.

Even if we have to edit your chosen postcard template ourselves and attach it to the ticket, one way or another we will get you going

Extract from Microsoft Help file ...

If you try to open a Word file via Windows Explorer and you have the Preview Pane open the first thing that will happen is that the preview window will start reading the file to display the preview of that file, in the meantime Word itself will also start reading the file. Sometimes  the two process will conflict and Word will determine that it can't open the file for editing because the file is locked (by the preview window) and therefore Word will open the document as read-only. Large files and files with certain types of content can cause the file to be locked by the preview pane.

If this is the scenario that is causing your problem either disable the Preview Pane in Windows Explorer or open the file from within Word via File >Open.


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